Colleen brings a holistic approach to her Yoga teaching after experiencing for herself the transformational and healing benefits of a regular Yoga practice.  Before becoming a teacher, she attended many years of classes and Yoga based retreats, knowing instinctively that she needed this in her busy life. Yoga is a way of being. It guides you to self awakening and a deeper awareness of your inner teacher.   Colleen has been happy to share this wisdom with her husband, three grown children and wonderful students.  Her teaching integrates the Yogic principals of breath, movement, alignment, balance and relaxation.  She stresses the importance of connecting with the inner self by cultivating witness consciousness.  Colleen has discovered that Yoga reliably expands life force energy or "prana" and she is honoured to share this practice with her students.


     "Colleen Wrighte is a rare yoga teacher who can relax and energize her students at the same time. Whether she is in a traditional yoga studio, or out on a beautiful lake dock or basking in the warmth of the Tuscan Sun, Colleen brings wisdom, joy, compassion and good health to every one of her students.  I'm glad she is in my family and friends' lives.  I've been a yoga student of Colleen's for more than 7 years and as I pursue an integrated life of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, I'm grateful to have Colleen as my teacher."              Kit Redmond Bolen                                                                                                                                          

     "I have been a student of Colleen Wrighte at the Adi Shesha Yoga Studio in Ottawa for over a year. She is a very personable, capable, caring and popular teacher at Adi Shesha. I myself have been practicing Yoga for over thirty years and find that her approach to Yoga is both intelligent and sensitive. She deeply understands and practices the core concepts of Yoga, with its emphasis on the body-mind integration. Colleen stresses the continual importance of being present in the body, here and now, through the practice of continual observation of in-and-out breathing. Her personal teaching style  is humorous, good-natured, open-hearted, respectful and non-intrusive. Her classes balance the need to stretch, elongate and twist the body with gentle Yoga movements........with the equally important need to quiet and open spaciousness and peace in the mind. Colleen includes Restorative poses in her classes to absorb and balance the benefits of the Yoga practice. Everyone goes home feeling so much more peaceful than when they arrived, grateful for having taken her class. If you are interested in taking classes or attending a Yoga Retreat with Colleen, I recommend her very highly.  You will  learn a great deal about the essence of what Yoga can do for your health......... as well as have a lot of fun!"               
Elizabeth Fletcher                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               "I have had the great good fortune to have gone on two of Colleen's yoga retreats, one in Tuscany and the other in the highlands of Scotland. Both experiences were absolutely fantastic!  Not only were the settings and accommodations charming, the yoga classes added another magical level to the retreats.   Colleen is an extraordinary yoga teacher who has a wonderful way of guiding you in your practice. She keeps things light and fun and takes the time to know each and every person.  I will certainly go on many more of these retreats and highly recommend you do too!"

Eleni Vichos

Meet Colleen

        Colleen Wrighte is an experienced 500Hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher (E-RYT 500), based in Ottawa, Canada. She has studied Akhanda Yoga and completed her Teacher Training under the inspirational guidance of Yogi Vishvketu.  Colleen also received her Restorative Yoga Certification with Judith Lasater, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Training and has expanded her teaching skills in the advanced level Yoga Teacher Training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and the Nosara Institute.

Colleen Wrighte    Yoga Teacher